Instagram And Photobooth – Your Own Friendly Neighbourhood Peter Parker!

In most of the social or official events the hosts hire Professional photographers to cover the events and such photos are later used to advertise and publicise the events and the occasion. A photobooth has traditionally been an attraction in both personal functions and corporate events. Today, with technological advancement, the smart phones are being omnipresent and you can utilize them to create an instant live-feed with the content created by your guests. The traditional photobooth can be replaced by instant print services allowing the guests to not just create but carry their memories with them.

With the advent of the smart phones, everyone can be a photographer and is able to take quality photos. Most of the people in this generation are active on social media and love to share their photos and their experiences on various popular social media websites and so would the attendees of your corporate events do. Your guests with their smart phones would be taking tons of photographs which would be showcasing the event from multiple perspectives offering a diverse account of the happenings.

Why don’t you do the same? Be smarter and use this to your advantage and the surprise of your guests.

Yes, you can increase the reach of your corporate event by intelligently amalgamating the various advancements in technology and the trends on social media. Instaprint is a leader in this and would help you achieve great popularity for your events.

The way it works is quite simple, just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together to create a wonderful picture. Once you engage the services of Instaprint, they create a live-feed website where photos taken by your team and your guests can be hosted live and even for months after the event has ended. Your guests would share their photos on social media with a unique hashtag created for your event. The advantage of this is apparent; the various photos by your attendees would be capturing the different perspectives of the same event, seeming as if you have hired a 360 degree camera that photographs every single aspect and view. The minute your guests share their photos on Instagram with your hashtag, the photo also becomes a part of your live-feed, much to the delight of your guests.  The service can be utilized for any kind of gathering including weddings, social events and corporate functions. Undisputedly, corporates stand to gain much with this; they enable better engagement from the guests and garner more publicity for the event.

Instaprint serves as a traditional photobooth too. It offers printing services of the photos captured during the event. The prints can even be customised to include details such as your logo, the guest’s name or anything else that you might want to include. Your guests get to print their photos, just the right size to be carried in their wallets.

Thus, it can be clearly stated that Instaprint is a unique and sure-shot way to engage your guests, create memories, and enhance the potential of your event much more than a conventional photographer and PR.