AnaJet Taking Amateur T-Shirt Printing To Next Level

Finally, the technology has landed when it comes to printing t-shirts and other promotional items. It started with a dream to make printing easier. In 2010 the Anajet was invented. Anajet is a t-shirt printer that offer direct t-shirt printing on the fabric and is heat pressed for final application. This method has revolutionized t-shirt businesses to promotional companies who are now able to print in house promotional items.

This savings allow companies to invest more into the quality of the promotional items themselves instead of all costs necessary for printer. Gone are the days of hiring silk screeners, graphic designers and technicians to run the elaborate equipment. The Anajet not only is revolutionary it is fast and boasting less than 3 minutes per shirt. Sadly, many users are complaining about Anajet not having a warranty on printer heads and that the print quality is actually not as great as other larger machines that big manufacturers use.

But for companies like Fox Sports Net the Anajet has been their saving grace. FSN used to outsource all their work to a contracted promotional product company, but now they are able to spend on 1/3 of their promotional budget on printing in house on the Anajet. With this savings we can give back more to our fans and buy more expensive items for the athletes we interview and support. In 2002, FNS spent over 500K outsourcing their promotional items and now it is under 250K per year. Savings like this help our employees make larger salaries and we are able to give more at the touch of a button. Making Anajet Sprint a necessary business expense for the future of companies trying to get an edge and provide better services in the company elsewhere. Cutting costs is never easy but Anajet makes it easier for you.